Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Myka 9 - A Work In Progress

To speak honestly, it was hard for meeee to like that album for a very long time. It has solid beats but on some tracks I would have expected Myka to be more serious and more skilled like he used to be on It's All Love. Some tracks stand out from the average but then there is for example a track that is called "This ain't the shit". I think that it must have been the reason why I always underestimated this album but I'm happy that I haven't sold it! Besides some tracks its really a hidden treasure and a nice treat for fans of Myka. Be sure to peep The THIRDMAN's Blog where you can find the vinyl version with selected tracks from this album that was released by 247 records from Sweden.


TheTHIRDMAN said...

Thanks for the link ;) !

meeee said...

thx goes also out to you for the good rips of the Myka 9 records!

Jack Devo said...

Thanks for the review! I also had a very hard time getting into this one, but I'll give it some more listens.