Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Anonymous Inc. RE-UP

For those who have heard of Ceschi, there is an early collaboration with his brother David Ramos called Anonymous Inc. Back in the day they also had their own website with some interesting MP3s that you could download for free. This album was released in 2001 and Ceschi and David already had their styles fully developed. Besides rapping double-time, both also played multiple instruments as you can see on DiscoG's.
The album itself fits perfectly to the upcoming winter time, most of the tracks are instrumentals that are partly moody with abrupt change of tempo and style. You won't be bored for sure! Some tracks contain raps and on some you can hear Ceschi or David singing.
An interesting track for example is "Broken Wings" with Dose One who gained attention at that time with his group Clouddead and the whole Anticon fam that was also gaining more and more popularity for their different approach of Hip-Hop music as they were originally musicians who migrated to Hip-Hop. There are alot of similarities between the music on this album and the music that has left the Anticom fam btw! Tommy V and Maleko from the La2thebay fam also appear on the same track as a surprise because at that time members of the Anticon fam rarely collaborated outside of Anticon.
Another interesting appearance comes from Perfecto from the Copacetic Concepts fam that we dealt with some months ago. Sorry, but I can't recall who started it.

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