Saturday, July 10, 2010

Jizzm - Raptalk Illasophic Sampler

This Sampler contains 10 Tracks, some of them were taken from the Infinite album others are unreleased. Two of the unreleased tracks mark another formation around Jizzm, called the Frequency Freaks, who are Jizzm, Phoenix Orion and Trensetta.
Some of the stuff isn't that typical Jizzm stuff but you can expect good stuff!

Jizzm - Infinite

Again an album by Jizzm fully packed with features from talented cats. One thing that came instantly in mind is the fact that Tony Da Skitzo and Jizzm fit very well together and I would really like to look forward for future cooperations but Tony Da Skitzo died last year, RIP! Jizzm, Neb Luv and Tony Da Skitzo together formed the West Coast Avengers where also some other tracks exist, maybe a complete album, too!
Nevertheless, you'll herewith receive a diverse album with 77 minutes of music...Don't Sleep!