Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Surprise II

Like last year I wish you all the best for Christmas and for the year 2012 and offer you a special Christmas treat.
Surprise surprise :D

Monday, December 19, 2011

DK Toon Interview

My man Jack Devo over at Beetbak had the chance to get an exclusive interview with the Massmen member DK Toon. It's interesting to read and it sheds some light on another Good Life / Project Blowed member who haven't been on the radar for years. So check it out y'all

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Headnodic Beats Vol 1 (Vinylrip)

It's been a long time since I put up some stuff and I'm coming with some cool beats from Headnodic this time. The record was released on Insiduous Urban Records a record label which also gave home to the early Foreign Legion releases. Headnodic might not be new everyone cause he made two beats for Myka Nyne's Citrus District album and when you have a look on DiscoG's you will see that he has produced beats for alot of cool cats like Gift Of Gab, Scarub, Mr Lif, Zion I and so on....

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Request: Fat Jack - Natural Hallucinogenics

Besides the two instrumental releases, one he released with DJ D (The Message) and the other one with Mascaria (Timespan), this one was a digital only release and also features some fine MCs. St. Mark 9:23, Mikah 9 and Abstract Rude bring you the background vocals on some tracks while on some other tracks Medusa & Feline Science and also Abstract Rude lay down some verses. As the name of the album implies, the tracks are of a laid-back style and I didn't try it but I can imagine that the album is a good one when being high.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Eligh - A Story Of 2 Worlds

Just heard the new album of Eligh and I thought that I upload this fine release. It is Eligh's second album and he released it on Tape and on CD in 1997. Production is mostly handled by Eligh himself plus Elusive, Grouch and by Bizarro aka Bicasso on a very nice track called Plantlife were Bizarro also kicks some verses. Features also come from Scarub, Murs, Basik, PSC, BFAP, ASOP and Grouch.
I can remember a record store were this CD laid for some years. Everytime I went through the CDs, I thought: "Hmm, I'm not sure. Should I buy it or not?". But in the end I bought it and it was a good decision, it took long but I made it. When I hear "Fisherman's Lot" it comes to my mind and I'm feeling good. Or Congestion, or...

Friday, October 28, 2011

Below The Surface Presents: Strictly Indee

Below The Surface back in the day was a record label and store based in Cali run by Kegs I think. It had some really cool releases like a limited 7" series that are absolutely worth a check.

On this release you will find a bunch of cool cats like Equipto of Bored Stiff, Kirby Dominant, the Constylations(Style MISIA, AONE, Diverse, Pisces, Amorpheus and Esoin), BOAC and Top Ramen from The Earthlings, Shing02 and  Doc Maxwell who also collaborate on the Tags Of Times 3 Compilation, the Freelancers (Maleko and Da Golden Ray), Deeskee, Tommy V, the Westcoast Workforce(Anti MC, Joe Dub, Subtitle, Premonition, Megabusive and Radioinactive) and Sole, Jel, Alias and Pedestrian from Anticon.
And that weren't even all !

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Request: Myka 9 - A Work In Progress Bonus CD

This is a limited Bonus CD for Mikah 9's "A Work In Progress" album. The first track features Pigeon John and track 5 features some guys who aren't credited but I think that they aren't Project Blowed affiliates. Two other tracks are only performed by Myka 9 while there are also 3 instrumentals. There are various clicks on every track, sorry for that.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Freestyle Fellowship - Guerilla Kingz EP

I received this one from someone who bought this CD on a show some month ago. This EP seems to have some tracks from the new album that is going to drop soon. Check it out.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Freestyle Fellowship - To Whom It May Concern

To make the time short between now and the release of the new FF album, you'll find all 3 albums and one EP within the next days starting with their first release 2day. Innercity Griots their second release is already available here btw.

For all who haven't heard this album, let me tell ya that some peepz think that it was groundbreaking in the rap history for its styles. In the movie "This is the life" it was told that they thought: "Oh shit, I can't do it the old way anymore, I have to change my style of rapping". You can check their styles even better by listening to the Accapellas. In my opinion "Physical Form" by P.E.A.C.E is very interesting cause he raps about McBeth from Hamlet in a funny way for example. I have also added the Mix version which was done by J-Sumbi.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

SFSM Interview and Radio Show

Hey, don't miss this interesting interview with Chaz of the group San Francisco Street Music and a complete radio show with their music!


Saturday, September 10, 2011

2001: A Rhyme Odyssey

I can remember in 2001 when I had a different job than I do have now and one day there came a person in who always gave us some flyers and postcards. But at that day he left this CD which was a real coincidence because no one else at work was into that type of stuff except meeee. I already knew the Dilated Peoples and such that appear on that compilation from Guidance Recordings. After work I happily went to my homies house and we analyzed the compilation together. As mentioned I already knew most of the artists but Primeridian and Missin' Linx were new to me and I started diggin them.

Stranger Day - Burning Bridges

Some time ago ludz03knowthis posted up the album where this track appears on and it totally blew me away. If you are able to grab a copy of the album, don't miss the chance it seems to be hard to get and infos about it are also rare.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Request: Awol One - The War Of Art

Shane requested this release plus Abstract Rude's "Eyes wide shutty" of which I haven't heard of before. You might buy the Ab Rude release from the digital market places.
But to come back to Awol One's album I can tell that it seems that Awol had only help from a few peepz like Eyedea, Jizzm, Riddlore, 2Mex and KRS One!!! No this time he had a bunch of producers like Daddy Kev, Grouch, The Undergods (must be the ones who also appeared on Omid's KXLU session), Rhettmatic, Pigeon John, Transducer, Andre Afram Asmar and J Zone.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Qlasbeats - Sampling Is A Crime

Shiranu - Arbeitslos

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Basik - At The Mercy Of The City

After Apex Predator, Basik did an album in 2000 that was released on CD only plus a 12" off it. I can remember that I bought this one before the Apex Predator CD but I knew the tape version of Apex Predator and in 2000 it was impossible to find. Although any appearance of Slant is missing, it is very cool too. But I'm posting also this one because there are also appearances of the Copacetic Concepts members Imaginative Eye, Perfecto and Black Tongue. Besides them Eligh, Grouch Anacron, Anon, dB and PSC also bless the album with their work. Recommendable are the tracks "The Moment", "Generation X-Flies" where you can find the beat on Eligh's US version of Gandalfs Beat Machine, "Wanna Be Weirds", "Mr. Flossangeles", "Chalkboard Strategy" sick! and "Convining Swines". What do you think?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Basik MC - Apex Predator

Being originally released as a tape in 1998 you'll herewith find the CD version of Basik MCs "Apex Predator". In contrary to the tape version the CD version has of course a better sound quality and also some more tracks. It carries all tracks that are on the tape plus two new tracks. By providing 6 beatz for the album ranging from hard-hitting to experimental-abstract to laid-back type of ish Slant of Onomatopoeia did an excellent job. Other producers who took care of them beatz are Eligh, Mr. Len, Grouch and 2 Fat and Eye-3 of Copacetic Concepts. Perfecto, another Copacetic Concepts member appears on 2 tracks. Other features come from Eligh, Grouch, Aesop, Scarub, Murs and also from Slant. All of them including Basik who of course delivera some dope stuff that is worth a check.
You can find more stuff from the Copacetic Concepts on the Ghetto Tyylit Blog.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ey yo the bus stops...

Before I bought this one recently I have only found the CD version of this release in a good quality. But what is unsatisfying with the CD version is that there are 2 tracks missing in comparison to the vinyl version. It's "Who Falls Apart?" and its instrumental. In contrary to Bus Stops, Who Falls Apart wasn't on the "World Ultimate" but on the "Sight Of Things" album.

There are also 2 very good remixes of Bus Stops on this record with one of them having an appearance of Aceyalone which is like a short song on its own. For every vocal track there is also an instrumental, so there are 8 tracks on this record with approximately 32 minutes of good music.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Supherb - All Bullshit Aside EP

From Wild West Recordings comes this fine 11 track EP. Wild West Recordings is a subsidiary of American Recordings which was founded by Rick Rubin who also founded Def Jam Recordings and was responsible for some very successful productions. The Nonce who also had some releases on Wild West Recordings produced the tracks "Born On Parole Remix" and "Mr. Hollywood" on this EP. "All Bullshit Aside" and "Any Formz Of Wackness" were produced by A.M. and I can only say that I don't have a clue who that is. The EP only consists of this 4 tracks in their clean, instrumental and with one exception their album versions.
"All Bullshit Aside" has a laid back break-beat with a nice trumpet sample and features Chino XL on the hook while the beat of "Any Formz Of Wackness" adds some tempo and features Real Thorough on the hooks. As you can imagine its about the non-tolerance of wack mcs. "Born On Parole Remix" also features Real Thorough but has a typical laid back Nonce beat while "Mr. Hollywood" has a hard pumping bass which again fits good to the aggressive theme of the track.
I recorded it today from vinyl and did some stuff to make it sound more clean. Hope you enjoy.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rules Of The Game 12"

A small but fine release featuring 3 tracks that were taken from the "Rules Of The Game" compilation plus their instrumentals will await you here. The Stiff are represented with a banging beat produced by TD Camp and performances by Kwanzaa and Pablo according to the credits list on the record. The next track has a laid back beat with constantly falling Hi-Hats produced by the Angel, a female DJ/producer with Mystic on the mic. At last there is a track by the Living Legends members Grouch, Asop and PSC. The laid-back beat is put together by the Grouch.
This record is the only one that was taken off the "Rules Of The Game" compilation which were also the only releases from Tripek Records.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Per Aa Ra - P(rays)e The Sun

Thanks to the Jaded Emperor there is now a digital copy of this tape. Jaded Emperor also add the follwing:

This album was, to the best of my knowledge, only available on cassette. I copied it and encoded it to MP3 using Audacity on 7/18/2011. The cassette came in an evelope with a booklet containing illustrations and lyrics to all but the last track (a bonus track). These have been scanned and are all in the PDF file included. Page 2 may appear to be cut off, but it is not, it's just a blank page.
Anyway, Kemetic Suns are still one of the dopest crews from any era of Hip Hop.
If you can find original tapes, CDs, or vinyl records, I highly suggest purchasing them.
Have Fun,
Jaded Emperor

Friday, July 15, 2011

Feline Science - Unda Ground Crewed

Request, Request. Kid Voltron requested some stuff from Feline Science and here it is. 36 minutes long and 9 tracks featuring Medusa, KoKo, Neb Luv, Baby Puma, Mortisha, Diamond and Jahah. Never heard of the last four mentioned femcees but they sound pretty dope.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mikah 9 - Citrus Sessions

Eleven years have past and the "Citrus Sessions" is what "It's All Love" could have been and what "A Work In Progress" prepared, a professional studio album . For Citrus Sessions alot of cats jumped on the train, its not only Mikah9 and Joseph Leimberg anymore but there are features of P.E.A.C.E. and his cousin K.I.T.S., Javis, Stix and Abstract Rude. Tracy Lane adds soulful background vocals to the album while you can find scratches from Exile of Emanon on the track "Me And My Girl". Headnodic produced "Viles" and "Everybody Gets Down" who was identified on my radar this year with his "Headnodic Beats Vol 1" release. Mike Meeker played various instruments and also produced some tracks and is also the executive producer. Ah, and there is also an appearance of DJ Kiilu, who produced the outro.
When this album was about to be released, Mikah9 put up he whole album as a free download because he said that someone else sold it without his permission. I have added this download release below plus some tracks that were also available as a free download from including the track "Lost 4 Days" featuring KoKo that didn't make it on the album nor the EP. "Soiree" and "The People" were only on the EP.
The album deals with various themes in various styles, boring is something else...

Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's All Love

Nanana, i'ts all love...ohh. You are reading. Yeah, this is absolutely my favorite Hip-Hop record to date. As I heard it the first time, it totally blew me away. I heard stuff from the Fellowship before but this one was totally different cause of it's 80's style flair and of course Mikah 9 flowing over it in a soulful way. Additionally, he lays down some really dope lines. Especially on "Rise and shine" there is a part where it is hard to tell when he is taking a breath. But not only Mikah's skills shine on this album. It's also the production of Joseph Leimberg. This cat is so fucking talented, he is able to give Mikah a platform that is on the same level and allows him to flow freely and show his love for Hip-Hop.
Not long ago I found out that this album was also meant to be released on Capitul Recordings back in da day, when Acey let's them balls bouncing. And I can't really understand why they didn't push the album. Probably it was too far ahead of all the other stuff from '95 or they weren't able to realize what they held in their hands. Nah, I don't really want to think about it any longer. Fact is, there have been multiple versions of this album. First there was the Pure HipHop Inc version. The sound quality isn't best but it seems to be the most complete version. You can hear that a lot of them tracks haven't been finished completely. Some tracks end abruptly but "Rise and Shine" goes about 1 minute longer if you forget the intro to the track that was added on the other versions. I don't really understand why they took off the rest it really sounds better with the long ending in my opinion. The Pure HipHop Inc version also has 2 versions of "Come Up Off Of My Love", one produced by Joseph Leimberg and the other one produced by Fat Jack. You can only find "Homegirl" on this version while you can find the track "On the line" only on the other ones. The following version was from Mary Joy Recordings from 2001 while the other one followed in 2002 on Basement Records. That's were the re-mastering came from. Last but not least there is also an EP out there from the former Swedish record store 24/7 Records which followed in 2003.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sonic Sum - Films

Sonic Sums latest effort "Films" is totally different from Sanity Annex. While Sanity Annex had long intros and breaks on some tracks that make someone feel like staying and resting, this one is more like acting and moving forward. You can't say that for the whole albums for sure, because both vary but it applies to the majority of their tracks. Something that is also missing on Films is the usage of soulful backup vocals but Films is a piece of its own...
Additional Note: There are 2 12"es off of Films available called "Rocket" and "Films"

Sonic Sum - Plaster Man

As requested by jackdevo, here is the second installment by the Sonic Sum. It is more an EP than an album. Originally 8 tracks deep it also has a hidden bonus track which is an instrumental. 3 tracks were taken from The Sanity Annex album while 2 of them are their respective remixes. "Rocket" appears on the forthcoming album "Films".

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sonic Sum - The Sanity Annex

While collecting nearly everything from Grouch on the end of the last millenium, a record store employee recommended me this record. He told me to check it out, i did and bought the CD. I took me a while because at that time I was strictly into West-Coast stuff but this one is also different from that typical boom-bap East-Coast stuff from that time. Sonic Sum added some cool samples that give them down-tempo breaks a certain trippyness. The albums character is also defined by some longer intros and interceptions within some songs. So if you haven't heard this album before, give it a try.
Additional Note: There are 3 12"es off of Sanity Annex available called
  • Downtown Maze / Skypirate
  • Callarama Gala / Flatlands
  • Himbro St. / It's An Ashtray

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Equipto - Vintage Volume Won EP

About 11 years ago I spoted this record at a homies house and at that time I couldn't get enough of it. What's funny about it is, that he didn't like record at all, although it was his and he only bought dope records he liked.

The beats remind of the good ol' Stiff stuff. So check them out!

Awol One & Factor - Only Death Can Kill You EP

This is a fine and small release from Awol One which is entirely produced by Factor. From the album with the same title on, Factor became some sort of producer homie like Daddy Kev was before. Factor didn't produce all albums after that one but they seem to fit well as this release is a good proof.
The production is more than solid, 3 tracks plus its instrumentals on the flip side starting with "Old Babies" a moody-chilly-trippy beat(you know what I mean :D ) and for example a line like "smoking lots of weed, trying to keep my health up" by Awol which builds up a perfect parallel to the track name. I think I better not comment on this one.

BTW Awol One has a new album out called "Child Star" which sounds dope and is pretty different from his stuff from before.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Mix by Omid with some tracks of the MC Aces

On the 19th of July 2009 Omid hosted a radio show on KXLU for 3 hours and this is the whole show in one file. It was posted up on Blunt Rapps but the link is down and the post seems to be forgotten.

The interesting thing with this mix is that it contains some tracks from the MC Aces from around 1988 as Omid says. These tracks were recorded before the Freestyle Fellowship existed as we now know it. You know Haiku D'Etats "Mike, Aaron and Eddie"? It's based on the track "Mike, Eric and Eddie", they are Mikah 9, Spoon and Aceyalone.Also there is a cool track with Acey on the hook where he is hella playful and using lines like "let's clap your hands, drop your pants and listen to what I say".
Besides the cool MC Aces stuff there are also some rare tracks from Awol One and the Nonce. Additionally, Los Undergods Mexicanos who are very deep record collectors also provide some interesting tracks.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Chicharones - Pork Rind Disco EP

I came across the Chicharones through a Mix-CD of Neila and I further checked their music and came to the conclusion that Pork Rind Disco is a pretty good track. The Chicharones are Sleep and Josh Martinez and the beats are provided by Pale Soul, Smoke and Zebulon Dak of Oldominion, while Big Stuff did a remix of Pork Rind Disco.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Souls Of Mischief - 93 'Til Infinity Instrumentals

Hey, I took this recording from hqhiphop, removed the clicks and worked a bit with the EQs. Beneficial already did a great job and I improved it a little. The quality is not perfect at all but I'm in the process of figuring out, how to squeeze a better sound out of records. If you haven't heard this classic record grab it!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Omid - Afterwords II

This album has 12 tracks and there is no tracklisting. Beside that there seem to exist 2 versions of it with two different covers. Discogs states, that it was released in 2004 but I can remember buying it in 2001. You can find beats from tracks that were released before and long after for example the instrumental to OMDs "Money Is Meaningless live" version, the instrumental from Busdriver's "Jazz Fingers" and track 12 even is a beat of an older Kali 9 track called "Table Of Contents". Track 5 is a different version of "Sho'nuff", track 6 must be a Fellowship beat of the Shockadoom EP, I think.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

DJ Zeph / Variable Unit - Remixed 12"

This is a small but fine release with a remix from DJ Design on the A-Side and its instrumental. The Seven Grain Remix on the B-Side is also a very dope track but there is no instrumental of it, what a pity! Both tracks, "Mirrors On Sand" and "Seven Grain" have a hard-hitting beat, so don't miss em.

Darkleaf - Eclectic Storm 12"

According to the Darkleaf/Nobody 12" by JackDevo I have also ripped a Darkleaf 12" on Ubiquity. Like the DJ Zeph 12" it also contains a Remix by DJ Design. A nice track it is where DJ Design again proofed his production skills. The instrumental of the Remix is also included. The B-Side contains two weird sounding but cool tracks.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Konceptual Dominance - Self Titled 12"

While writing something for the last Fundamentals post, this release came into my mind. King Koncepts and Kirby Dominant are the Konceptual Dominance and this is the only 12" off their album.

Fundamentals - Pow Wow / Code Red / Monkey King 12"

Thanks to Jack Devo over at Beetbak this blog is coming closer to a complete discography of the Kemetic Suns. Produced by Eclipse 427, King Koncepts and Karma Chi this is an underground classic from the Bay.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fundamentals - Stop The World: Science Must Progress 12"

With production by Karma Chi, King Koncepts and Wind And Water and features from Hypnotic and Kirby Dominant this is a fine excerpt off the Fundamentals - Stop The World album. It is getting quiet interesting with only a few releases from the Kemetic Suns left over that I know of on this blog. What is missing is the Fundamentals - Pow Wow/Code Red 12" and the Per Aa Ra tape plus some stuff I haven't uploaded here for now. If you can help me out with the two above mentioned releases it would be much appreciated.

Request: Alchemist - Instrumental Kings 3

60 of Alchemists dopest beatz come with this 2xCD that you better shouldn't miss. This is for a DJ who I highly respect and of course for all the other beat junkiez out there.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Soul Purpose - Breaking Records

Soul Purpose is King Koncepts latest group together with Zvi and Mazzi. In this combination they only released this album, later on Mazzi literally carried the name Soul Purpose alone. He also changed the name to S.O.U.L. Purpose because there was already another group with the same name. There are some nice features on this one like the appearance of the Auditrons (Karma Chi aka KiloJoule and Hypnotic aka Chris Sinister) and Kirby Dominant together on one track. Although I'm a great fan of the Kemetic Suns, this album really flow below my radar and I was glad like a small child eating delicious ice-cream or whatever. It's the title track with a flute sample and the sound of breaking glass. Another nice track is "Lung Collapsing pt 2" which features Percee P with a bouncy beat and flowing raps.
It looks like that there are 2 missing but it's only the Intro and I'm not sure if the 2nd is really missing cause there is also a bonus track... BTW, there are also two 12"es off this album.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Akil Ammar - Melokarma

Hailing from Mexico, Akil Ammar is an MC and I think, that he is a part of the group Sector Lucido, where Bocafloja and Skool 77 also belong to. But it's only speculation because the name appears often with the three MCs. It would be much appreciated, if someone has more detailed information to share!

The release itself contains some nice tracks where I have constantly pushed the repeat button...

Friday, March 18, 2011

Style Misia - The Alibiez

And it's going on. Style Misia released this one in 2003 and it only features Scarub on one track. 22 tracks over 64 minutes he produced everything by himself. It's a good release but it can't be bad to have some more features. Nevertheless there is a hint on the album that the tracks were recored between 1997 and 1999.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Esoin - Substance & Oblivia

This is a really fresh release out of the Constylations/New Moon/Daysmen Empire - hemisphere. Fresh because Esoin had a good hand at selecting the beats, some have a classic touch like the track "World Rotates" which reminds me of a remix of Roots "Silent Treatment". The track "Time Experience" contains some elements that remind me of Fellowships "Pure Thought" and "Funky Devoted" has of course a funky touch. The other tracks also have their unique styles so that this album isn't that straight type of ish were the tracks only vary little.

On the 18 tracks you can only find a few features from the New Moon crew members but there are also cool scratches provided by Worldwise, Havik and DJ Souniq. There is also one great track with the keys played by Demonic.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Moon - Down II Earth

I'm filling a request from Jack over at Beetbak with this. You better don't listen to it, really I wouldn't recommend it. There is so many other dope stuff out, why listening to this one? :D

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

ParanormL - Experience

Check this out. Some rare ish from ParanormL recorded from a new record. It has some jazzy vibe and it is off ParanormL's "Jazz is the fundamentals" album. 3 tracks plus their instrumentals. Production is handled by The ParanormL himself except on "Experience" which is produced by Freddie Joachim.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Anti MC - Old Leg (tape)

Yesterday, I removed the dust from my tape deck and recorded this tape. Check out this dark beats, they pump like sh...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


There is an almost new track from the CunninLynguists I want to mention. You can check it here plus the Instrumental, Accapella and Radio versions of it. What's interesting about it is that they you can choose which amount you want to spend before downloading.

Also some interesting news: CunninLynguists are going on tour in Europe starting at the 25th of March. You can find all the dates on the page I have linked before.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Blue Sky Black Death - The Evil Jeanius Instrumentals

Blue Sky Black Death grew to one of my favorite production crews out there over the past two years. Some people may not like their music because it is partly moody but what is interesting about BSBD is how they compose each track. Most of their tracks consist of three parts, an introduction, the main part and the last part which concludes the track. It doesn't sound spectacular but the interesting thing is, how they do it. The introduction often takes long, about a minute and more but the following main part will make your feelings jump around. The last part often makes you calm down again. This is very tricky but it doesn't really apply to this release, hahaha. But if you like this release be sure to also check out "Late Night Cinema".