Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fat Hed - Night Train To Babble On

Not long ago I provided a link to Fat Hed's Bandcamp page where you can get a part of this album for free. Now that I got the CD I can provide the whole album. Besides Fat Hed there also appear Awol One, Motion Man, Nocando and some other guys. Production is done by Nocturnal Ron, Fred C and also Kut Masta Kurt. Be sure to check him out. Fat Hed has a cool voice and some funny raps.

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Anonymous - Swells Of Abstract

Released originally in 1995 under the group name Vertigo, The Anonymous re-released this album in 2006. DiscoG's says that there are four additional tracks on this release. To meeee it is their best effort compared to Weep No More and Green & Gold. The overall flow is tighter and it is less mellow compared to WNM.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Anonymous - Green & Gold

Today there is the CD version of the Green & Gold EP that was also released on vinyl but with less tracks. The group is called The Anonymous before that their name was Moonshine and before that it was Vertigo. Under the name Moonshine they released the album "Weep No More" plus two 12"es off it. As Vertigo they released the album "Swells of Abstract" that is available as digital download but I don't know if there really was a physical release in 1995 or something. The members of the group are DJ Drez, Zinndeadly, Able Body and Vesuvio who changed his name to Manifest. Since this release they didn't release any new music together cause what I heard was that they live in different cities now. What a shame!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Omid - Distant Drummer

This is Omid's first release after the Beneath The Surface with a totally different approach. Most headz  were skeptical about it but all I can say again is that it is different. It is like Amon Tobin's "Bricolage" were at a first listen you might think "Oh, that's a chaos". But if you listen to it more often you can discover ordered soundscapes some of them are more abstract and some are not. The track "Ways Of The World" is the instrumental of the track "Atlas" from Jizzm's "Archives"  with Nikko singing over it a lil bit. All other tracks are instrumentals. Very interesting is the video animation below to the track "Musical Chairs" and the fact that an italian dance crew performed to tracks from this album and to tracks he made later on.
The video is down :(

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Radioinactive & The Pyramidi All-Stars 2002 live in Berlin

A good friend gave meeee a nice recording of a concert that happened in 2002 in Berlin. It was a pretty good show. The Artists who appeared were Radioinactive with Anti MC and Clouddead( Dose One, Odd Nosdam and Why? ). This recording only contains the performance of Radio and Anti MC lasting approx 30 minutes. It was recorded with a pocket recorder so it also catched the sounds of the audience and you can get a very good impression of the atmosphere during the concert. Many thanks goes out to the submitter for this wonderful recording.