Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Supherb - All Bullshit Aside EP

From Wild West Recordings comes this fine 11 track EP. Wild West Recordings is a subsidiary of American Recordings which was founded by Rick Rubin who also founded Def Jam Recordings and was responsible for some very successful productions. The Nonce who also had some releases on Wild West Recordings produced the tracks "Born On Parole Remix" and "Mr. Hollywood" on this EP. "All Bullshit Aside" and "Any Formz Of Wackness" were produced by A.M. and I can only say that I don't have a clue who that is. The EP only consists of this 4 tracks in their clean, instrumental and with one exception their album versions.
"All Bullshit Aside" has a laid back break-beat with a nice trumpet sample and features Chino XL on the hook while the beat of "Any Formz Of Wackness" adds some tempo and features Real Thorough on the hooks. As you can imagine its about the non-tolerance of wack mcs. "Born On Parole Remix" also features Real Thorough but has a typical laid back Nonce beat while "Mr. Hollywood" has a hard pumping bass which again fits good to the aggressive theme of the track.
I recorded it today from vinyl and did some stuff to make it sound more clean. Hope you enjoy.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rules Of The Game 12"

A small but fine release featuring 3 tracks that were taken from the "Rules Of The Game" compilation plus their instrumentals will await you here. The Stiff are represented with a banging beat produced by TD Camp and performances by Kwanzaa and Pablo according to the credits list on the record. The next track has a laid back beat with constantly falling Hi-Hats produced by the Angel, a female DJ/producer with Mystic on the mic. At last there is a track by the Living Legends members Grouch, Asop and PSC. The laid-back beat is put together by the Grouch.
This record is the only one that was taken off the "Rules Of The Game" compilation which were also the only releases from Tripek Records.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Per Aa Ra - P(rays)e The Sun

Thanks to the Jaded Emperor there is now a digital copy of this tape. Jaded Emperor also add the follwing:

This album was, to the best of my knowledge, only available on cassette. I copied it and encoded it to MP3 using Audacity on 7/18/2011. The cassette came in an evelope with a booklet containing illustrations and lyrics to all but the last track (a bonus track). These have been scanned and are all in the PDF file included. Page 2 may appear to be cut off, but it is not, it's just a blank page.
Anyway, Kemetic Suns are still one of the dopest crews from any era of Hip Hop.
If you can find original tapes, CDs, or vinyl records, I highly suggest purchasing them.
Have Fun,
Jaded Emperor

Friday, July 15, 2011

Feline Science - Unda Ground Crewed

Request, Request. Kid Voltron requested some stuff from Feline Science and here it is. 36 minutes long and 9 tracks featuring Medusa, KoKo, Neb Luv, Baby Puma, Mortisha, Diamond and Jahah. Never heard of the last four mentioned femcees but they sound pretty dope.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mikah 9 - Citrus Sessions

Eleven years have past and the "Citrus Sessions" is what "It's All Love" could have been and what "A Work In Progress" prepared, a professional studio album . For Citrus Sessions alot of cats jumped on the train, its not only Mikah9 and Joseph Leimberg anymore but there are features of P.E.A.C.E. and his cousin K.I.T.S., Javis, Stix and Abstract Rude. Tracy Lane adds soulful background vocals to the album while you can find scratches from Exile of Emanon on the track "Me And My Girl". Headnodic produced "Viles" and "Everybody Gets Down" who was identified on my radar this year with his "Headnodic Beats Vol 1" release. Mike Meeker played various instruments and also produced some tracks and is also the executive producer. Ah, and there is also an appearance of DJ Kiilu, who produced the outro.
When this album was about to be released, Mikah9 put up he whole album as a free download because he said that someone else sold it without his permission. I have added this download release below plus some tracks that were also available as a free download from myka9.com including the track "Lost 4 Days" featuring KoKo that didn't make it on the album nor the EP. "Soiree" and "The People" were only on the EP.
The album deals with various themes in various styles, boring is something else...