Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Surprise III Part 2

There is another surprise for you. Hope you will like it and I also hope that you had a good time.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Naptron - Transmitting / Put Your Hands Up 12"

This Naptron release is getting more and more difficult to find. It was released on Funk La Planet records which is run by Benjamin Deffe. I have also posted up two other releases from FLP earlier with Phoenix Orion on them. They are part of the Alien Nation era back in the day when they resided in Brooklyn, NYC.

This record contains two different mixes of Put Your Hands Up plus an instrumental and Transmitting plus its instrumental. Transmitting features the insane freestyle king Supernatural.

Update: I ripped the record by myself this time. I think it sounds better than the version before.

Monday, December 17, 2012

E Da Boss & Jahi - The Early Edition

Last week a friend lend meeee some CD's and this EP impressed me a little bit.
The credits say that E Da Boss took care of the beats and Jahi was the one who rippped the mic.
The CD seems to be a promo only EP that has never been released. So be sure to peep it, it's hot!

Request: Pterradacto - I Stole These Beats Mixtape

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Update: Naptron - Afekz Of Metatron

Naptron is a member of Alien Nation crew which had its born place in Brooklyn/NYC. On an Alien Nation 12inch there is written:
Alias : Meta-Predator
Function : Seismic Verbalizer
"The mind is my playpen."
Can turn foes into helpless accomplices by injecting cerebro-shells into their brainstems... gives him control of their minds... has a cruel sense of humor... arms himself by having victims debase themselves. Voice modulator has ability to cause localized earth tremors.

On this album he frequently uses his dark deep- and also a midget like voice. Someone who fits perfectly to Naptron is P.E.A.C.E. who has multiple appearances as Marvin Frye while Naptron appears as Seymour Frye. Other appearances are Phoenix Orion on "Show me what you got", D.V. Alias Khrist on a Skit, Orion South on "I can see it in your eyes", Supernatural on the Intro song and "Bredren" and the Alien crew on "Omega Minus Function".
Unfortunately, the production credits aren't given but there is also a 12" test pressing out there which states that Daddy Kev and Hive took care of the production on tracks that also appear on this album. Another EP also states the same.

Update: I cut out the silence on some tracks and normalized them to the same level. It now sounds better.

Request: Neila - Starting Early

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Request: Neila - Vertical Trees EP

About one year before the album came out, Neila released this EP picking one track from every producer that also appeared on the album except Myk Mansun and Matth. There is also an EP only track that is produced by DJ Casey of the group Innernational. I have only added the versions that are not on the album meaning the instrumentals and the EP only track.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Neila - Vertical Trees With Eternal Leaves

This is Neila's first album that was pressed on CD. Before that she released tapes and CD-R's. There are only two guest spots on it, one from Gajah of the group Acid Reign and one from Myk Mansun who is close to Acid Reign. As you probably know Gajah you might not heard from Myk Mansun before but he is also a dope MC and Producer. Surprisingly he appears on Myka 9's album 'Souvereign Soul' that was released last month! On 'Vertical With Eternal Leaves' Myk Mansun also produced the track that he appears on. Besides him Daddy Kev, Liferexall, Matth and Omid also produced one track. Deeskee was the one, who took care of the remaining 11 beats. 1+4+11 makes 16 relaxing tracks that fit very well for the winter time.