Tuesday, September 20, 2011

SFSM Interview and Radio Show

Hey, don't miss this interesting interview with Chaz of the group San Francisco Street Music and a complete radio show with their music!


Saturday, September 10, 2011

2001: A Rhyme Odyssey

I can remember in 2001 when I had a different job than I do have now and one day there came a person in who always gave us some flyers and postcards. But at that day he left this CD which was a real coincidence because no one else at work was into that type of stuff except meeee. I already knew the Dilated Peoples and such that appear on that compilation from Guidance Recordings. After work I happily went to my homies house and we analyzed the compilation together. As mentioned I already knew most of the artists but Primeridian and Missin' Linx were new to me and I started diggin them.

Stranger Day - Burning Bridges

Some time ago ludz03knowthis posted up the album where this track appears on and it totally blew me away. If you are able to grab a copy of the album, don't miss the chance it seems to be hard to get and infos about it are also rare.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Request: Awol One - The War Of Art

Shane requested this release plus Abstract Rude's "Eyes wide shutty" of which I haven't heard of before. You might buy the Ab Rude release from the digital market places.
But to come back to Awol One's album I can tell that it seems that Awol had only help from a few peepz like Eyedea, Jizzm, Riddlore, 2Mex and KRS One!!! No this time he had a bunch of producers like Daddy Kev, Grouch, The Undergods (must be the ones who also appeared on Omid's KXLU session), Rhettmatic, Pigeon John, Transducer, Andre Afram Asmar and J Zone.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Qlasbeats - Sampling Is A Crime

Shiranu - Arbeitslos

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Basik - At The Mercy Of The City

After Apex Predator, Basik did an album in 2000 that was released on CD only plus a 12" off it. I can remember that I bought this one before the Apex Predator CD but I knew the tape version of Apex Predator and in 2000 it was impossible to find. Although any appearance of Slant is missing, it is very cool too. But I'm posting also this one because there are also appearances of the Copacetic Concepts members Imaginative Eye, Perfecto and Black Tongue. Besides them Eligh, Grouch Anacron, Anon, dB and PSC also bless the album with their work. Recommendable are the tracks "The Moment", "Generation X-Flies" where you can find the beat on Eligh's US version of Gandalfs Beat Machine, "Wanna Be Weirds", "Mr. Flossangeles", "Chalkboard Strategy" sick! and "Convining Swines". What do you think?