Monday, November 26, 2012

Aceyalone - A Book Of Human Language + Beats(Re-Rip)

On the re-issue of the Instrumentals CD of this album Mumbles shared some detailed informations. He was introduced into digging records and beat making by his brother DJ Marvski and Cut Chemist and started producing in '92-'93 where he also made most of the beats for this album. Mumbles and AC went to the same school and when the rumor spread that AC is recording an album at Capitul, a friend of Mumbles handed a beat tape of Mumbles to AC and so they hooked up together. They recorded the tracks "The Greatest Show On Earth" and "Makeba" that were released on the album "All Balls Don't Bounce". Surprisingly, "Guidelines" was also recorded for the same album but they couldn't figure out the origin of the samples and the track didn't made it onto the album.
There is no info why "A Book Of Human Language" wasn't also released by Capitul but Mumbles has written that NuGruv, the label that manufactured and distributed the album, went bankrupt and in the end Mumbles and AC weren't paid properly :(

The re-release of the instrumental album btw has some different mixes and one or two tracks on it that weren't on the original album!
I have ripped the instrumentals CD again today because I have realised that I have uploaded the wrong rip the last time which had some errors. Sorry for that but now the quality is ok.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Help meeee: Posse Searching

Today Euphonico has send me an email with a mp3 file and asked meeee if he knows who appears on the audio file. For the first part it was easy but for the 2nd part meeee is seeking your help to find out the name of the group/artists who appears there. Help meeee!

That was fast, thank you! It is a very nice track from Oddjobs. I have to dig more of them.

Visionaries - Sophomore Jinx

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Nobody - Soulmates

Nobody? Soulmates! Is it weird? No, it isn't. It is very relaxing with its smooth instrumentals and just some fine vocal tracks. Was it on vinyl? Yeah, there are two different vinyl versions of it. And there is also a CD version with one extra track plus 2 EPs and one 12". Just now I'm also listening to this while Soulmates is running. Fits nicely!