Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kemetic Suns - Road Maps Or Dirt Naps

This is an interesting collection of previously released stuff from the Kemetic Suns. But there are also tracks were I don't know where they are from. For example "Auditron" with the formation Ka Auditron Ba aka Auditrons which are KarmaChi and Hypnotic. It's a very nice track with some classic sound!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Moonshine - Weep No More

This is the original release from 1996. Back in the day The Anonymous called themself Moonshine consisting of Zinndeadly,  Able Body  and Vesuvio aka Manifest. DJ Drez and Nikko also have a short appearance on this one. In contrary to the description on Discogees the re-release is mixed in a different way.

Thirty Daze And A Plane Ticket

Another Fundamentals early release....

Please Stop The World

It's enough, Stop The World now! The Kemetic Suns are coming and expect the human beings to be more exemplary and stop treating others like sh?t. The fundamentals tell us how they see the world and propose how to do it better.
Produced by Karma Chi aka Kilo Joule and King Koncepts this album contains some really nice tracks like "Pow Wow", "Code Rode", "Gravitational Pull", "Stop The World", "Dark Tower", "Mission Statement" and "Flight". These tracks are good for a quick listen and beyond but the other tracks that weren't mentioned have a more abstract soundscape and they need some closer listen to get the point.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Is it all a dream?

Or does Jizzm have style? He is back again with hard-hitting beats and underlies them with styleful raps. Go check him out, he is playing on a higher level....

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Show Respect Here!

What should I say? Hella MCs and hella beats. What is also interesting is the way that some tracks split over some other releases. First there is an EP off this album, the track "Sealed Fate" is on Pigeon John's "Clueless" 12", "Permanent Paradise" is on Awol One's "Three Eyed Crows" and on the EP of it and "B-Boy Real McCoy" is on Aceyalone's "Accepted Eclectic" album and 12".

Three other definite bangers on this album are:
Ah, forget it and make your own decision :P

Friday, April 9, 2010

Hello, this is Nonce again...

Some years ago we laid down some wonderful relaxed beats with keyboard sounds flying over them which built an atmosphere that stays in contrast to the hard truth that we are telling. But don't think the lyrics are unbearable! They are only miles away from the average raps, are raw and reflect the truth. It is like a good wine which needs some time, to get the point where it is coming from. We also have a hidden appearance of an MC we don't even know ourselves, maybe you can help us and find out the name of him.
Thanks for your patience and we hope you will have a positive listening experience...

Classic Material

The mysterious death of Yusef Afloat wasn't the reason that this album is a classic. No, it is the music itself! In the movie "This Is The Life" Medusa tells some really interesting stuff about Yusef. He wanted to practice Hip-Hop "raw" in that way, that he raps naked in front of the audience. For some people it might sound weird but I think that his intention was to tell the truth how life is, by laying the positive and the negative things on the line how they are. On Utube there is an old interview with Sach and Yusef were Yusef isn't saying much but what he is saying makes sense and is straight to the point. R.I.P. Yusef
For a tape rip of Yusef's solo album check Jackdevo

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Request: Ras Kass - Understandable Smooth Instrumental

Phoenix Orion - Master Control Program 3000

Sorry, but I have no cover art for this one! I once found this one on the internet and seems to be some sort of concept album. If you listen to it you will realize that most of the tracks are from the Secret Wars album but there is are also one or two other tracks from the 3080 Flux album. What I think is that this really is a concept album which later split into the Secret Wars and the 3080 Flux album.

Phoenix Orion - Zimulated Experiences II

The Celestial Squadron album gives a clue that this album was recorded around the same time the first version was. The track "Close Encounters" was on the Squadron album and there was a hint for it that it was taken from the Zimulated Experiences II. Word has it, that there is also a 12" called Transorganicz, a track that is also on the ZEII album. But this 12" must be extreme rare and the possibility to hold it in my hands will be infinitesimal close to zero.
For this album I have also added two extra tracks which are not listed, with one featuring Awol One and Gel.


Albums, I better shouldn't have sold/lost Part IX

Yeah, I once owned this one and I am not happy bout selling this one, too! As I mentioned in the "Le Jazz" post, there is a list of Phoenix Orion releases floating around on Philaflava and there are also 2 other albums listed called 1080 Time Warp and 2080 Cyber Squad. As you might know, 1080 and 2080 aren't officially released and are sleeping in PXO's collection of unreleased albums were alot of other unreleased stuff also sleeps. To recall an example, the Zimulated Experiencez II was produced around the same time the first version was produced but was self-released by PXO in 2007, about 8 years later!
The music itself is kinda Drum'n'Bass type of sh...

Alien Nation - Tell Me / Electric Lady

This is the 12" single from the "Millenium" album. It contains multiple mixes of the track "Tell Me" and the track "Electric Lady" which has its name from the famous Studio in NYC where it was recorded. The acapellas of both tracks are also contained.

Mr. Bizarro - Dirtworks EP

This is the EP to the Blacknewave album that I have posted before. With this one Bizarros discography is nearly complete adding the stuff that Jackdevo uploaded on his blog. Especially Bizarros older stuff is very interesting. It has some laid back vibe and funny lyrics, rapping about his collection of tapes, that they are all gone and that only his shelf is collecting dust. But there is also some melancholy in the song "My Collection Of Tapes", the melancholy about the lost of an era that was about tape trading and anticipated pleasure while copying some new/unknown dope stuff from a friend or doing a mix tape. The anticipated pleasure of doing settings by yourself to get the best possible sound out of your tape, waiting till the recording is finished and the noisy sound which fits perfectly to 4-Track stuff. No doubt, Bizarro loves the nostalgia which made you feel warm inside like when put the needle to the groove of one of your favorite records...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mum's The Word - The People Mover

This is a nice producer album by Mum's The Word featuring performances by Awol One on the intro, 2Mex & Xololanxinxo, 3rd Degree, Basik MC, Dannu, Jizzm, Key-Kool, LMNO, Murs, Snizzake, Zen and Omid on the Congas on the track "Clear Finish". There is also a hidden track featuring Subtitle...