Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Vapors Project

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

El Uno - Sensate St.

Unipersonalis, Sensate St., Elee Uno, Lixto Flo and many more are the aliases of El Uno. He is not that type of full-time artist although his album was released on Highground, home of the FTA. It took me some time and patience to get this one because at the time I bought it, it wasn't really available anymore and I was lucky to buy it by request. El Uno now seems to name himself Lixto Flo and what I have last heard is, that he is working in NYC as some kind of graphics designer.
The interesting thing in El Uno is his style, because he is able to combine a good flow with a soulful voice. His lyrics cover funny but also serious themes, while the track "Cold Sweat" is an example of a serious one describing the situation of a person who shoots a store clerk during a robbery and the results on his life. But there is way more to explore on this one....