Friday, August 29, 2014

Who Framed The A-Team?

You might have heard the A-Team on the Project Blowed compilation for the first time on the track "Maskeraid" for example. Here they (Abstract Rude & Aceyalone) are again but this time with a full-length album. There is another Heavyweights track on it, so that you can find all the released ones on this blog.

Busdriver - Memoirs Of The Elephantmen

Friday, August 22, 2014

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Beneath The Surface...

This is one of the few albums that still amazes me after rotating it since 1998.

It casts LA's most prolific rappers paired with Omid's deep going beats leading you to a 82 minutes lasting journey. You just have to enter the bus and to enjoy the ride...

Additional note:
The compilation was first self released by Omid himself in a limited run in form of a 3xLP and a CD in 1998. In 1999 came a 12" EP, a 3xLP and CD on Celestial Recordings. The full length Celestial Recordings releases have a different track listing than Omid's self released ones. On the first release there are the tracks "Surveillance", "What Up" and "Outsider" which aren't on the second release while on the 2nd there are "Subterranean Service" and "To The Turn Of The Earth" which aren't on the first release. Furthermore the second press vinyl consists of 3 records where only 2 records contain the vocal versions while the third has some instrumentals! Some people say that there was also a repress of the 2nd 3xLP. Later on, there also came a CDr and a 2xLP with the instrumentals and a re-release of the first CD.
Taking the instrumentals from the 2nd 3xLP version and the Instrumental CDr there are only 3 instrumentals missing: "You are in my clutches", "What Up?" and "Outsider" which is the same beat as on "Line Postin' in Pedro". For "You are in my clutches" I can remember that I once read that Omid doesn't know where his original ADAT recording is, so we probably will never see this one :(