Sunday, February 19, 2012

Deeskee - Focused Sonic Suicide

This is one of the rarest stuff I can offer on this blog. Actually, I got a copy of this tape from a friend about 9 years ago, I hope he is ok with meeee uploading it :) It is one of the weirdest tapes I have ever heard. If you just listen to the first track you'll surely understand what I mean. Pitifully 3 tracks are missing but there are 4 other tracks on it from the "In Loving Memory Of Deeskee" album.
Yesterday, my friend gave me his tape and I'm proud to announce that all tracks are now available her as a 1st generation dub!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Long Lost Relative - Twilight

Released in Austria, this project is a come together from musicians from the US ( Sundiata and DJ Werd ) and from Germany ( Kenji 451 and Squil ). While Sundiata provides his raps on four tracks, Werd adds some scratches together with his DJ-group the Phaderheadz on the intro track and he also produced most of the beats according to the credits list. Kenji 451 and Squil are credited as the producer duo Montags Dust.
If I get the ok I might also release an complete instrumental album from Montags Dust, soon.
Additionally, there is also an appearance of Tailan a femcee on a cool mellow track that contains a Clarinet that is played by Mezmatic. With a total of 14 tracks were 5 of them contain raps there remain 9 instrumentals.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Left & Style Misia - The Grind / Die Another Day

Recently Ghetto Tyylit and This Is For The Hustlers have posted up some really rare stuff from the Daysmen Empire. So there is also another release that I can provide with Style Misia and Left aka Amorphous who is not a Daysmen Empire member but who is from the Constylations who are the Daysmen Empire members plus New Moon aka Bash Bros. who are Piseas and Left.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Money Bazz / Cozmic Ray - New York, New York / Danger

Another release from Psycho V with Cozmic Ray from Widow Prizum and Money Bazz from the B.O.D. Click. The track "Danger" also appeared on this record here but it is like an extended version with two different parts that were produced by 2 different producers. "New York, New York" is new to meeee and it's a good one, check it out.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Neila - For Whom The Bells Crow

The last time I wrote something about Neila, I tried to encourage you to help her out by buying her LP "Only This One Counts". Since then she also released the same album on tape! Two releases earlier, Neila put out this fine CD where you can also get a 7" off it if you are lucky ;D
There is only one feature from Pigeon John on this album but what makes it so interesting is the line of producers who were involved. There is Porter from Sweden, Maki from Canada, Sakari aka Ameba from Finland, while the rest is from the US I think. Omid, Joe Dub from SFSM, Jimi The Mantis Claw, Paris Zax who produced Busdrivers "Imaginary Places", Vrse Murphy from Sacred Hoop, Deeskee and Presto. Phew... Also involved were James Morris and Wil-Dog Abers from Ozomatli who played the bass on "Make Up". "Stolen Thoughts" was performed by Monte Carlo 76.