Saturday, August 20, 2011

Basik MC - Apex Predator

Being originally released as a tape in 1998 you'll herewith find the CD version of Basik MCs "Apex Predator". In contrary to the tape version the CD version has of course a better sound quality and also some more tracks. It carries all tracks that are on the tape plus two new tracks. By providing 6 beatz for the album ranging from hard-hitting to experimental-abstract to laid-back type of ish Slant of Onomatopoeia did an excellent job. Other producers who took care of them beatz are Eligh, Mr. Len, Grouch and 2 Fat and Eye-3 of Copacetic Concepts. Perfecto, another Copacetic Concepts member appears on 2 tracks. Other features come from Eligh, Grouch, Aesop, Scarub, Murs and also from Slant. All of them including Basik who of course delivera some dope stuff that is worth a check.
You can find more stuff from the Copacetic Concepts on the Ghetto Tyylit Blog.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ey yo the bus stops...

Before I bought this one recently I have only found the CD version of this release in a good quality. But what is unsatisfying with the CD version is that there are 2 tracks missing in comparison to the vinyl version. It's "Who Falls Apart?" and its instrumental. In contrary to Bus Stops, Who Falls Apart wasn't on the "World Ultimate" but on the "Sight Of Things" album.

There are also 2 very good remixes of Bus Stops on this record with one of them having an appearance of Aceyalone which is like a short song on its own. For every vocal track there is also an instrumental, so there are 8 tracks on this record with approximately 32 minutes of good music.