Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Impressions On Concrete

Impressions On Concrete  is a project where DJ Presto brings various beat-smiths together on two vinyl records. I can remember that I once read that Omid, who also appear on this record, has pushed Presto to release his music because he liked his jazzy beatz. He not only pushed him to but also supported him and probably he also helped him to launch the label Concrete Grooves that was the home for various releases of Presto. The moment I first heard the music from Presto I liked it. He has 3 tracks on this record that are also on Presto's Inflight Instrumentals album and also on one of his 12"es. "Reminisce" is also on Akumas "Eye in the sky" album having a nice tempo of 96bpm. Omid's track "Solarism" is the instrumental of 2Mex's "Control Mexica" off the "B-Boys In Occupied Mexico" album where the track is falsely credited to be produced by Mum's The Word. To meeee it also sounds like it is produced by Omid but it could probably be produced by both. Mum's The Word also appears on this record like Fat Jack, Flaco, M Fusion, DJ Smash, Mr Montes, Khurse and Sach.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Marcy All Star$

The Prizum again....but having an interesting record here. Especially the track Crabb Niggaz that appears in two different versions on this record. One that has the same beat as the one on the "Hot Time" record from Polo and Zoundwavez aka Phoenix Orion but where only Phoenix Orion and the B.O.D. Click ( Clutch and Money Bazz) appear on. Be sure to check the other record to see the difference. The 2nd version of Crabb Niggaz is only performed by the B.O.D. Click and has a different beat that owns more of that East Coast flavour. The track "Alert The Masses" has a really tight beat and I'm a bit sad that there is no instro of it on this record. For "Ray Day" applies the same while there is also a instrumental of "I'll Get Ill" on this record that features Mr Jig. Never heard of Mr Jig before but he raps that he is also from the B.O.D. Click.

Widow P - No Champagne Just Blunts n Heineken

This is Nr 3 in the round from the Prizum offering two different tracks "No Champagne" and "Pass It Around" plus their instrumentals. The Acapella of "No Champagne" is also included. Both tracks have very tight beats and the Prizum's raps are cool, too.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Widow Prizum - Jetlag

As the cover implies, this release builds a bridge between New York and Paris.
Widow Prizum ( Cozmic Ray and Ikeia ) from NY and Assassin ( Pyroman and Rockin' Squat ) from Paris join forces on the track "Jetlag". "Scared Of Us" is brought to you by the Prizum feturing Zoundwavez aka Phoenix Orion. Last but not least Cozmic Ray and Ikeia appear on "543-21". The Acapella of Jetlag is included plus its instrumental and the instrumental of 543-21.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Freestyle Fellowhip - Hot Potato 12"

2day I have recorded this Freestyle Fellowship promo record that is the only one except the test press that contains the instrumental of Hot Potato. Hot Potato comes in 3 different vocal versions were all Fellowship members appear on. Additionally, Ganjah K has an uncredited appearance.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Gunther B - Dissonance

A good friend submitted this release on friday and here it is with 30 minutes of pure instrumental music from Gunther B.

Alchemist - The Ultimate Music Machine

Friday, January 13, 2012

Request: Abstract Rude - Eyes Wide Shuttish

In September The Thirdman requested this release and thanks to Shane you can find it now here.
It is a digital only release with only 6 tracks. DiscoGs states that it is a CD release but I doubt it because I can't remember to have it seen as that.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

L*Roneous - Imaginarium

Looking at the credits of this album some might think that it may be boring. But I can tell ya it isn't! Even though it is only produced by DJ Zeph and L*Roneous is the only one who rips the mic. Don't let them trick you, it's hot!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fat Hed - What Do We Need Today? / Need Some More 12"

Fat Hed put out this small release in 2004 containing only two tracks from the album "Night Train To Babble On" plus its instrumentals. The A-side is produced by Kut Masta Kurt who you might know from the Diesel Truckers with Kool Keith or from the Masters Of Illusion where Motion Man also is a member. Motion Man also appears on "What Do We Need Today?". The B-Side is produced by Nocturnal Ron and there is also a feature of Crag Malkovich. Enjoy.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Another interesting Bandcamp site comes from Fanatik with all his releases and more.

Fat Hed

Hey guys check out Fat Hed's Bandcamp site. You can get one album there for free ( "Night Train To Babble On" ) and you can also listen to his upcoming album that is called "The Future That Never Happened".
Dope stuff!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Infidelity Project

The Infidelity Project is a 2xCD compilation with close to two and a half hours of music. Gunther B took care of alot of them beats plus some other guys. There are also alot of features of MCs I have never heard of before excluding Tommy V. First I thought that some guys might be from EX2 but I saw that some guys also appeared on the Mystery School projects some others are difficult to track down.
The music reminds a lil bit on the Anonymous Inc album with a touch of the Anticon stuff.
For more infos especially the credits please visit Discogs

Third Sight - The Golden Shower Hour

Here is something different for you folks. Third Sight consists of D-Styles, Dufunk and Jihad The Roughneck bringing you close to 60 minutes of good music. While Jihad rips the mic, D-Styles and Dufunk program the beats. Good stuff!