Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Zimulated Experiencez

Another Celestial Recordings banger. This seems to be more like a producer vs. producer album than a solo album. Daddy Kev and Hive lay down beats as hell while Phoenix Orion raps on them. This is no ordinary album but it is really spaced out and full of style. You could name it a Dr. Octagon album from L.A. with its style and its crazy lyrics. If you haven't checked it before be sure to check it now and don't forget the hidden bonus track!


mosesckaine said...

The cd and vinyl recordings have a few tracks that are different, and also i remember when i got my instramentals that a couple of the songs actually had the lyrics on them, i believe it was scanners and cyberchristclone. do you know anything about that?

meeee said...

Yeah that's true. First there was a 1xLP with a lot of tracks missing that are on the CD.
Then came a 2xLP where only the hidden bonus track from the CD is missing.
The instrumetal Vinyl contains the beats from the 2xLP release and there are some hooks on Scanners.

I've uploaded the complete CD version including the bonus track and a rip of the instrumental vinyl.