Friday, October 1, 2010

Mikah 9 - Timetable

For all the Fellowship lovers Mikah 9 released this fine CD in 2001 with material that was unreleased before. You can find excerpts from freestyles of Mikah 9 from Radio sessions and from Good Life sessions. Additionally there is a live recording of "American Nightmare" and there are some tracks that were previously unreleased, for example "Sand To The Beach" and "Fruit Don't Fall". To complete 23 tracks plus one bonus track, Daddy Kev provided some beats to also offer newer works and not only stuff from the past.
Some of the tracks are like a mystery to me. Especially the track "What You See Is What You Get" where it is stated, that it is Produced by Mikah and Sinatra. Frank Sinatra? I dont' know but nearly everything is possible!


Anonymous said...

thanks for this nice lp

meeee said...

You are welcome and it's cool that you like it, too!