Sunday, April 17, 2011

Omid - Afterwords II

This album has 12 tracks and there is no tracklisting. Beside that there seem to exist 2 versions of it with two different covers. Discogs states, that it was released in 2004 but I can remember buying it in 2001. You can find beats from tracks that were released before and long after for example the instrumental to OMDs "Money Is Meaningless live" version, the instrumental from Busdriver's "Jazz Fingers" and track 12 even is a beat of an older Kali 9 track called "Table Of Contents". Track 5 is a different version of "Sho'nuff", track 6 must be a Fellowship beat of the Shockadoom EP, I think.


deleon808 said...

Dope album. I thought it came out earlier than 2004 too. Copped it on CD-R back in the day and some assholes jacked it and other cds from my car shortly after. Thanks for this!

meeee said...

Yeah, you are welcome. You also brought the Distant Drummer album from Omid into my mind. I'll post it up soon. It's more abstract but it's worth a listen.