Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rules Of The Game 12"

A small but fine release featuring 3 tracks that were taken from the "Rules Of The Game" compilation plus their instrumentals will await you here. The Stiff are represented with a banging beat produced by TD Camp and performances by Kwanzaa and Pablo according to the credits list on the record. The next track has a laid back beat with constantly falling Hi-Hats produced by the Angel, a female DJ/producer with Mystic on the mic. At last there is a track by the Living Legends members Grouch, Asop and PSC. The laid-back beat is put together by the Grouch.
This record is the only one that was taken off the "Rules Of The Game" compilation which were also the only releases from Tripek Records.

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Jack Devo said...

Cool, thanks! Sounds like it will be dope.