Monday, September 5, 2011

Request: Awol One - The War Of Art

Shane requested this release plus Abstract Rude's "Eyes wide shutty" of which I haven't heard of before. You might buy the Ab Rude release from the digital market places.
But to come back to Awol One's album I can tell that it seems that Awol had only help from a few peepz like Eyedea, Jizzm, Riddlore, 2Mex and KRS One!!! No this time he had a bunch of producers like Daddy Kev, Grouch, The Undergods (must be the ones who also appeared on Omid's KXLU session), Rhettmatic, Pigeon John, Transducer, Andre Afram Asmar and J Zone.


Anonymous said...

i like those shape shifters rock songs. "bloody shoes", awol's "she likes guns" on soulows 2, and circus' lofi track on the gangstaz 4 god cdr. they are lots of fun.

TheTHIRDMAN said...

"Casting Call" is a banger, one of my fav track of the album!!
And as it concerns the ab rude album, i didn't knew but after a few research i found this on alpha pup website
and yes you can grab it from itune & co.
"Eyes Wide Shuttish: Short Rhymes Vol. 1" there is even a live caption

Anonymous said...

more abstract LA hip hop. awesome!