Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Anonymous - Green & Gold

Today there is the CD version of the Green & Gold EP that was also released on vinyl but with less tracks. The group is called The Anonymous before that their name was Moonshine and before that it was Vertigo. Under the name Moonshine they released the album "Weep No More" plus two 12"es off it. As Vertigo they released the album "Swells of Abstract" that is available as digital download but I don't know if there really was a physical release in 1995 or something. The members of the group are DJ Drez, Zinndeadly, Able Body and Vesuvio who changed his name to Manifest. Since this release they didn't release any new music together cause what I heard was that they live in different cities now. What a shame!


dochiphop said...

I like this album too!

Anonymous said...

Swells of Abstract was released only on cassette in 1995.
Vesuveo released his first solo album last year. If you wanna hear it check out his own website: vesuveo.com
I copped his album and I gotta say it's dope.

You're right about them living in different cities: Vesuvio lives in Northampton MA, Zinn and Drez in L.A. and Able in Frisco or Oakland I think.
By the way they are one of my fav hip-hop groups of all-time.