Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tags Of The Times III

Hello, today I wanted to listen to this fine compilation again that I haven't heard in years and  I thought by myself: "Why not sharing it with the other guys?". I can remember buying the CD on a trip to Paris, mais oui!
Again there are so much artists on this release that all their names can't make it into the tags list :(


TheTHIRDMAN said...

This record is a bomb, I remember when I first listened to Myka Nine's First Things Last, such a blast!!! :)
Here it is if you want more Tags of The Times...

meeee said...

If you are interested I can also provide version 2.0J

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I'm interested!

Anonymous said...

Can u please upload a 320kbps version of this one?
It would be really great to listen this one in a good quality.
Thanks in advance.

meeee said...

I'm sorry. If you want a better quality, I suggest you buy the CD. The rip is very good, it even is accurate.