Thursday, June 28, 2012

Shape Shifters - Circuit City

This 12" record is the only one off the album "Was Here" from the Shape Shifters. It was released in 2004 and contains 3 tracks on the A-Side plus its instrumentals on the B-Side. Every track has its own flavor as each was produced by a different producer. 'Circuit City' has a taste of Electro-Funk and is produced by Andre Afram Asmar. On 'We R The Dinosaur' you have a typical Shape Shifters style of beat that could also have been on the Know Future or the Adopted By Aliens album. LA Jae took care of the production on this track btw. 'Run The Crowd' was produced by LifeRexall and has a straight forward boom-bap beat.
Like the tracks have different beat styles they also cover different themes. Check them!

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