Sunday, October 7, 2012

Slant Special

Dear music-lover, I have planned this long ago and collected these tracks since then because in my opinion Slant is a dope artist. He produced dope beats in the past, was a hell of a MC and he also made some short films.
Slant, was a member of the former group Onomatopoeia together with Puzoozoo Watt and Vixxen or they are probably homies still but there hasn't been some new stuff from them for a long time.
Rumor has it that Slant quit his own music career to work as an A&R for a big player in the HipHop biz.
He was also a member of the group called Kali-9 together with Basik, Vixxen, Jizzm, Khynky Rhead and also DJ Drez I think. I'm not a 100% sure if they all belonged to the group or if they are all group members but I think that it must have been a hell of a group!
To give you some examples of how dope Slant was a producer and also as an MC I compiled 30 plus tracks into two parts letting the music speak for meeee.

Part I:
  1. Onomatopoeia Anthem
  2. Take Hold - Puzoozoo Watt, Vixxen
  3. Coming - Vixxen
  4. Twice As Hard - Vixxen
  5. Excuses - Puzoozoo Watt
  6. Disconnected - Puzoozoo Watt
  7. Muff Diving Beat #2
  8. Father Antiradio - Radioinactive
  9. Remaining Underground - Radioinactive, Subtitle
  10. Can I Get A Witness - Rifleman
  11. Evolve Or Desolve - Jizzm, Slant, Akil, Chali2na, J-Smoov
  12. (in)sense - Puzoozoo Watt, Slant, Vixxen prod. by Omid
  1. Fuck You - Slant
  2. Oompa - Puzoozoo Watt, Slant
  3. Knowledge Of Self - Jizzm
  4. Suck It Easy Remix - Jizzm
  5. Lyrics At Your Door - Jizzm, Rican Sun
  6. Pirates - Jizzm, Puzoozoo Watt
  7. Muff Diving Beat #3
  8. Frigid Air - Basik, Perfecto
  9. Act Like You Know - Isaiah, Murs
  10. Paint The Town Red - Bleu Collar
  11. Paint A Picture - Global Phlowtations, Sunspot Jonz, Slant prod. by Mystik Journeymen
  12. Full Metal Jacket - Bleu Collar
  13. Apex Predator - Basik
  14. Fresh Breath - Basik, Slant
  15. Warriors Remix - Jizzm, Otherwize
  16. Arythmikhulesightandsound - Rifleman
  17. B-Boy Class - Basik
  18. Muff Diving Beat #4
  19. Press On - Onomatopoeia prod. by Jizzm
  20. Lost Angels - Jizzm, Vixxen


Jack Devo said...

Thank you very much, Meeee, for such a comprehensive compilation. Your hard work is very much appreciated!

Jibs said...

This looks amazing, thank you

meeee said...

I was really glad you and the guys from Ghetto Tyylit have posted some rare stuff with Slant. Without that stuff this compilation would have been incomplete.

But there are still some tracks missing.
From Kali-9 tape for example and I also left out 2 tracks from Basik's Apex Predator.

chakfu said...

Great stuff. Got any more info on the Kali 9 tape? I've got some weird Kali 9 tape from 2003 or so and a purported tracklist for the "zipcodes" compilation.

There's another great slant compilation around on the internet, apparently a guy from australia or new zealand just put that mix together with great slant/secret service material

meeee said...

I'm sorry but I don't have more info on the Kali 9 stuff. That stuff is hella rare and I don't know if it has ever been released.
What I found once was a tape called "Slant 90 minute tape" and Slant's "Muff Diving Beats" so it would be interesting to know if you have something different.
Would you mind to share the music from your tape?
And also a link or hint for the guy from Australia?

Anonymous said...

I would also be very interested in that "weird kali 9 tape" you mentioned....and in that australian guy's slant mix....please give some more info\link

Anonymous said...

that slant mix is the same as that '90 minute slant tape', I'm pretty sure. lost contact with the australian/NZ guy when he moved to SE asia - had a whole packet of CDs ready to mail him too

that kali9 tape is mostly previously released dr oop / b one era / murs / people under the stairs / anacron

Anonymous said...

Ha! That slant 90 minute tape wasn't put together by some New Zealand or Australian guy. If you got it from someone there, it was several generations dubbed. The tape originally came from a close friend of slants @ UPenn in the mid 90s. I was digging slant's music, and since I was a mutual friend, he made that for me. Back in the tape trading scene, I then made several copies of it and traded it to various folks. Several years ago I asked Slant if he had any better copies of those songs, but he did not.

Carl Foronda said...

anybody know where I can get the songs from the Slat tape? lost my files a few years ago.

meeee said...

You can find most of the stuff here on the Blog that is linked to Slant.

Carl Foronda said...

Yeah..eventually figured out that all I had to do was click on the link...right on...been looking for this for a while.