Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Easy Rider 01


Anonymous said...

Hey meeee!

Do you have any of these Bay Cdrs/cassettes:

FTA - Feed Them Art
San Francisco Street Music - Rap Moguls
San Francisco Street Music - The Pride
Sacred Hoop - Last Days Of The Hump Hut

meeee said...

I think that I have the SFSM stuff. There is btw a soundcloud page wih alot of SFSM stuff!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! It's good, I don't think it has those two projects those. Post em if you can! Thanx.

Anonymous said...

here's the pride-


dave said...

hey meee, do you happen to have "7 Stories" by Verble or "Don't Even Trip" by Jizzm (Kaliyuga's link is dead) thanks!

meeee said...

I can up the Jizzm tape, yes.