Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Hey! Half an hour ago I finished this mix. This time it only contains vocal tracks and it lasts 2 hours and a half. I mixed it in one take and you can call it a freestyle mix because I selected the tracks while recording. You can find alot of stuff from the bay, yes sir! And also other stuff. If you are interested in the track list I will hand it over to you later, I just need a rest and to listen to the mix again :D

PS: I had to take a different hoster this time because the file size too big!

  1. Mama's Hustle - Medusa
  2. Visitor From The Sky - Children On The Path
  3. Gotta Style - NgaFsh ft Cali Rag, Rifleman
  4. Chicago '66 - Qwel, Maker
  5. Whats in a Name (Acht Remix) - Eligh, AmpLive
  6. Turn It Up - Stranger Day
  7. Propane - NgaFsh ft Emotionz
  8. Go! - Thavius Beck
  9. Sounds Like - Rifleman ft Pterradacto
  10. Sea of the Infinite Wave - Noah23 ft Ceschi, Myka 9
  11. Villain - CVE
  12. Here Comes Trouble - Acid Reign
  13. Summer Fling (Remix) - Joe Dub ft Raj, Deeskee, Logic, EVS
  14. No Regrets - Abstract Tribe Unique
  15. Rock It Science - Joe Dub
  16. Became - Revolutionary Rhythm
  17. Daddy - Circle Of Power
  18. Zo Oh Owe Ning - Myka 9, Factor ft Charli Rose
  19. Inherited Scars - Sage Francis
  20. The Balance - Aceyalone
  21. I Don't Know - Burnt Batch
  22. So Long - Mint Rock
  23. Real Ghetto Soldiers - R.E.A.L.
  24. Faulty - Del The Funky Homosapien
  25. Davy Jones' Blues - Moonshine
  26. Tight Vibe - El Uno
  27. Second Wind - Freelancers( Maleko, Da Golden Ray)
  28. Plant The Flag - Hypnotic ft Bas 1, King Koncepts, 427, Infamous, Kirby Dominant, Plado, Kilojoule aka Karma Chi
  29. Who Falls Apart? - The Nonce
  30. Worry Free - Urban Prop
  31. Life Is Priceless - Elemental Zazen
  32. Cognac Junkies - F-D, Mr. Taber, Kweezy, Corleone, K-Dub, J-Duce
  33. Sucka Free - Mint Rock
  34. We'll Always Have July - Joe Dub
  35. Why You Wanna Get Funky... - Del The Funky Homosapien
  36. Feet Up on Tha Table - Aceyalone ft Rifleman, Abstract Rude, Marc Da Murderah, NgaFsh, Riddlore, Vic Hop
  37. Player's Play - Da 5 Footaz ft The Twinz
  38. Pins and Needles - Moonshine
  39. If You Can Save Me Now - Atmosphere
  40. Drippin - Deeskee, Escape Artists
  41. The Waiting Room - Emanon
  42. Burning Bridges - Stranger Day
  43. Total Kheops II - Kheops ft Sentenza


TheTHIRDMAN said...

Yes! I like these kinds of mix. I'm going to listen to it right now!! thx!

Jah Ra said...

this mix is ill man. i appreciate it. respect. peace

meeee said...

thx, your comment is much appreciated! peace man