Monday, February 22, 2010

Master Pieces

There are two other fine records which also belong to my personal favorites. Both albums are from Abstract Tribe Unique and the first ones name is "Mood Pieces". It was supposed to be released on the Beastie Boys label Grand Royal. Abstract Rude often used the verse"I handed a tape to Mike D from Grand Royal". To show proof of his connection I will also mention 2 records that are dated around 1995, have tracks off Mood Pieces on them and are Test Pressings from Grand Royal. Another proof is the appearance of 2 tracks from ATU on the "Grand Royal Mixed Drinks Vol II" compilation. But the Mood Pieces album wasn't released on Grand Royal and it slept until 1998 when ATU released it by themselves. On its way, two other 12 inches with tracks from the Mood Pieces were released, one on Deemo Records and one on Big Dada Records.
The album itself is well mixed, so that it can be heard in one piece. In my opinion it is ATU's best release, because everyone who worked on this one gave their best. Fat Jack created so beautiful beats! To give an example, he is able to produce bass-lines that constantly move forward and put samples on it that make you feel to move with the bass-line to a certain point and than in the opposite direction. It feels like you move away from yourself to come back to you again. I can remember when I randomly got to a Hawaiian Christian website were they wrote that ATU is dangerous for young people because ATU makes them addictive to their music and I think they were right :D Especially with the tenor voice of Abstract Rude and his flow and the beautiful background vocals this is more a master piece than a mood piece...

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