Sunday, February 28, 2010

Underground Fossils

To come closer to the complete discography of ATU, I'll go back in time exactly to 1997 when this album was released. I have no clue if the tracks of this one were produced before or after the Mood Pieces album but as mentioned on the Mood Pieces post, there were two records released in 1995 on Grand Royal and one in 1997 on Big Dada containing tracks from the Mood Pieces album. The Underground Fossils album was first released on Vinyl and on tape and later on CD in 2002.  This one contains female and male background vocals like the Mood Pieces album, also from Ebony Prince. As I'm listening to it now on "Yesterday and today" I heard Abstract Rude calling out the name of Ebony Prince at around 4:12. He must have been an old member of the Tribe Unique but I think that he hasn't been on Tribe's releases since South Central Thynk Taynk. Probably he was a dancer and not on the backing vocals ordinarily.
As mentioned before I can't surely say when it was recorded but what I think is that this one and the Mood Pieces were ATU's early productions. Both sound very similar while South Central Thynk Taynk has a different sound. On the two first mentioned ones Fat Jack uses his rough snares which are typical for him. They are like the high-pitched sound of two sharp blade edges grinding on each others. He uses this type of snare and variants of it very often.

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