Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Update: Naptron - Afekz Of Metatron

Naptron is a member of Alien Nation crew which had its born place in Brooklyn/NYC. On an Alien Nation 12inch there is written:
Alias : Meta-Predator
Function : Seismic Verbalizer
"The mind is my playpen."
Can turn foes into helpless accomplices by injecting cerebro-shells into their brainstems... gives him control of their minds... has a cruel sense of humor... arms himself by having victims debase themselves. Voice modulator has ability to cause localized earth tremors.

On this album he frequently uses his dark deep- and also a midget like voice. Someone who fits perfectly to Naptron is P.E.A.C.E. who has multiple appearances as Marvin Frye while Naptron appears as Seymour Frye. Other appearances are Phoenix Orion on "Show me what you got", D.V. Alias Khrist on a Skit, Orion South on "I can see it in your eyes", Supernatural on the Intro song and "Bredren" and the Alien crew on "Omega Minus Function".
Unfortunately, the production credits aren't given but there is also a 12" test pressing out there which states that Daddy Kev and Hive took care of the production on tracks that also appear on this album. Another EP also states the same.

Update: I cut out the silence on some tracks and normalized them to the same level. It now sounds better.


Anonymous said...

hey would u mind reupping this? The link looks fine, but it wont download the actual file.

John Henry said...

Re-up, for Pete's Sakes!!!!