Thursday, December 6, 2012

Neila - Vertical Trees With Eternal Leaves

This is Neila's first album that was pressed on CD. Before that she released tapes and CD-R's. There are only two guest spots on it, one from Gajah of the group Acid Reign and one from Myk Mansun who is close to Acid Reign. As you probably know Gajah you might not heard from Myk Mansun before but he is also a dope MC and Producer. Surprisingly he appears on Myka 9's album 'Souvereign Soul' that was released last month! On 'Vertical With Eternal Leaves' Myk Mansun also produced the track that he appears on. Besides him Daddy Kev, Liferexall, Matth and Omid also produced one track. Deeskee was the one, who took care of the remaining 11 beats. 1+4+11 makes 16 relaxing tracks that fit very well for the winter time.


TOCS said...

just outta interest what did you think about 'Souvereign Soul' ?

TheTHIRDMAN said...

it's always a pleasure to hear from neila... so dope emcee, so dope record!

meeee said...

Well, I like the album. I have expected Myka singing and chopping more. Bu it is a very good album. Till the release I think I have listened to it 15 times or so. And that's what I like it for. It's a good album to listen to from the first to the last track.

Anonymous said...

Hey could you help me out with these:

Rebel Musiq EP - Bicasso
The Game Manual 9.0 - Longevity
People Keep Movin - Mum's The Word
Constant Evolution - Mum's The Word
Firewater - Voice Watson & Very


meeee said...

I'm sorry but I can't help you with em.

Anonymous said...


peace to all collectors