Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Long Lost Relative - Twilight

Released in Austria, this project is a come together from musicians from the US ( Sundiata and DJ Werd ) and from Germany ( Kenji 451 and Squil ). While Sundiata provides his raps on four tracks, Werd adds some scratches together with his DJ-group the Phaderheadz on the intro track and he also produced most of the beats according to the credits list. Kenji 451 and Squil are credited as the producer duo Montags Dust.
If I get the ok I might also release an complete instrumental album from Montags Dust, soon.
Additionally, there is also an appearance of Tailan a femcee on a cool mellow track that contains a Clarinet that is played by Mezmatic. With a total of 14 tracks were 5 of them contain raps there remain 9 instrumentals.