Sunday, February 19, 2012

Deeskee - Focused Sonic Suicide

This is one of the rarest stuff I can offer on this blog. Actually, I got a copy of this tape from a friend about 9 years ago, I hope he is ok with meeee uploading it :) It is one of the weirdest tapes I have ever heard. If you just listen to the first track you'll surely understand what I mean. Pitifully 3 tracks are missing but there are 4 other tracks on it from the "In Loving Memory Of Deeskee" album.
Yesterday, my friend gave me his tape and I'm proud to announce that all tracks are now available her as a 1st generation dub!


ai said...

ha not what i expected. interesting tape tho. thanks

meeee said...

What did you expect? ^^

Anonymous said...

guys who have these albums, please share

Deeskee ‎– In Loving Memory Of Deeskee
Deeskee ‎– Blacklight Sessions
Existereo & Deeskee ‎– Hopeless Crooks With Open Books
Deeskee ‎– Asphyxia: Further Experiments In Terror.

please respond thank you

钱炯亮 said...
Here Deeskee