Thursday, July 12, 2012

Glue - Seconds Away

This time I will present to you a group that is not from the Bay. The name is Glue and it consists of one emcee called Adeem who won the Scribble Jam twice and who is an Anticon affiliate, DJ DQ who is taking care of some Cuts and the beat-smith Maker who also produced 3 albums (be sure to peep em!) for Qwel of Typical Cats. In general the productions of Maker apply dirty drum sounds and can be compared with productions from Blockhead, Joe Beats, ANT, Alias and Void Pedal. Some of them beats also contain a note that is typical for the Bay like on the track "Mixing Excuses" were Neila could have hook up with Adeem! If you aren't familiar with Glue you should definitely check their music...

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