Monday, July 30, 2012

Sacred Hoop - Retired

I can remember having copied this extended EP or album, no matter how you want to call it with its 8 tracks, from a friend from vinyl back in the day. And not long ago I was able to grab the CD and can now provide it to you. There are still copies left for sale on various platforms and I'll recommend to grab one copy, too. It's definitely a must have if you are a fan of bay-area related underground stuff.
Sacred Hoop consists of rapper Luke Sick, producer Vrse Murphy and the DJ Fondouglas who is replaced on later releases by DJ Marz. The same group organization with one MC, one producer and one DJ you can also find in the groups Third Sight and Glue to name two examples.
And what a surprise, Jihad of Third Sight appears on this album! DJ Quest and Eddie K of the Space Travelers also do.

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