Thursday, March 17, 2011

Esoin - Substance & Oblivia

This is a really fresh release out of the Constylations/New Moon/Daysmen Empire - hemisphere. Fresh because Esoin had a good hand at selecting the beats, some have a classic touch like the track "World Rotates" which reminds me of a remix of Roots "Silent Treatment". The track "Time Experience" contains some elements that remind me of Fellowships "Pure Thought" and "Funky Devoted" has of course a funky touch. The other tracks also have their unique styles so that this album isn't that straight type of ish were the tracks only vary little.

On the 18 tracks you can only find a few features from the New Moon crew members but there are also cool scratches provided by Worldwise, Havik and DJ Souniq. There is also one great track with the keys played by Demonic.

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Jack Devo said...

Very cool!!! Thank you for sharing once again!