Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fundamentals - Stop The World: Science Must Progress 12"

With production by Karma Chi, King Koncepts and Wind And Water and features from Hypnotic and Kirby Dominant this is a fine excerpt off the Fundamentals - Stop The World album. It is getting quiet interesting with only a few releases from the Kemetic Suns left over that I know of on this blog. What is missing is the Fundamentals - Pow Wow/Code Red 12" and the Per Aa Ra tape plus some stuff I haven't uploaded here for now. If you can help me out with the two above mentioned releases it would be much appreciated.


Jack Devo said...

I have the pow wow 12" -- I'll send it your way soon!

meeee said...

Oh yeah, that would be great!

Jack Devo said...

Here you go, please feel free to post it up!