Friday, March 25, 2011

Soul Purpose - Breaking Records

Soul Purpose is King Koncepts latest group together with Zvi and Mazzi. In this combination they only released this album, later on Mazzi literally carried the name Soul Purpose alone. He also changed the name to S.O.U.L. Purpose because there was already another group with the same name. There are some nice features on this one like the appearance of the Auditrons (Karma Chi aka KiloJoule and Hypnotic aka Chris Sinister) and Kirby Dominant together on one track. Although I'm a great fan of the Kemetic Suns, this album really flow below my radar and I was glad like a small child eating delicious ice-cream or whatever. It's the title track with a flute sample and the sound of breaking glass. Another nice track is "Lung Collapsing pt 2" which features Percee P with a bouncy beat and flowing raps.
It looks like that there are 2 missing but it's only the Intro and I'm not sure if the 2nd is really missing cause there is also a bonus track... BTW, there are also two 12"es off this album.

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