Thursday, June 9, 2011

Awol One & Factor - Only Death Can Kill You EP

This is a fine and small release from Awol One which is entirely produced by Factor. From the album with the same title on, Factor became some sort of producer homie like Daddy Kev was before. Factor didn't produce all albums after that one but they seem to fit well as this release is a good proof.
The production is more than solid, 3 tracks plus its instrumentals on the flip side starting with "Old Babies" a moody-chilly-trippy beat(you know what I mean :D ) and for example a line like "smoking lots of weed, trying to keep my health up" by Awol which builds up a perfect parallel to the track name. I think I better not comment on this one.

BTW Awol One has a new album out called "Child Star" which sounds dope and is pretty different from his stuff from before.

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