Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sonic Sum - The Sanity Annex

While collecting nearly everything from Grouch on the end of the last millenium, a record store employee recommended me this record. He told me to check it out, i did and bought the CD. I took me a while because at that time I was strictly into West-Coast stuff but this one is also different from that typical boom-bap East-Coast stuff from that time. Sonic Sum added some cool samples that give them down-tempo breaks a certain trippyness. The albums character is also defined by some longer intros and interceptions within some songs. So if you haven't heard this album before, give it a try.
Additional Note: There are 3 12"es off of Sanity Annex available called
  • Downtown Maze / Skypirate
  • Callarama Gala / Flatlands
  • Himbro St. / It's An Ashtray


Jack Devo said...

I'm so glad you posted this! It's one of my favorites. Downtown Maze has to be one of the illest tracks out there. Do you happen to have any of their other albums?

meeee said...

If you want, I can upload the others, too.

Jack Devo said...

yes please!