Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Impressions On Concrete

Impressions On Concrete  is a project where DJ Presto brings various beat-smiths together on two vinyl records. I can remember that I once read that Omid, who also appear on this record, has pushed Presto to release his music because he liked his jazzy beatz. He not only pushed him to but also supported him and probably he also helped him to launch the label Concrete Grooves that was the home for various releases of Presto. The moment I first heard the music from Presto I liked it. He has 3 tracks on this record that are also on Presto's Inflight Instrumentals album and also on one of his 12"es. "Reminisce" is also on Akumas "Eye in the sky" album having a nice tempo of 96bpm. Omid's track "Solarism" is the instrumental of 2Mex's "Control Mexica" off the "B-Boys In Occupied Mexico" album where the track is falsely credited to be produced by Mum's The Word. To meeee it also sounds like it is produced by Omid but it could probably be produced by both. Mum's The Word also appears on this record like Fat Jack, Flaco, M Fusion, DJ Smash, Mr Montes, Khurse and Sach.

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