Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Marcy All Star$

The Prizum again....but having an interesting record here. Especially the track Crabb Niggaz that appears in two different versions on this record. One that has the same beat as the one on the "Hot Time" record from Polo and Zoundwavez aka Phoenix Orion but where only Phoenix Orion and the B.O.D. Click ( Clutch and Money Bazz) appear on. Be sure to check the other record to see the difference. The 2nd version of Crabb Niggaz is only performed by the B.O.D. Click and has a different beat that owns more of that East Coast flavour. The track "Alert The Masses" has a really tight beat and I'm a bit sad that there is no instro of it on this record. For "Ray Day" applies the same while there is also a instrumental of "I'll Get Ill" on this record that features Mr Jig. Never heard of Mr Jig before but he raps that he is also from the B.O.D. Click.


Anonymous said...

it redirects to 404 not found....is anonym.to also down?like megaupload? I've tried 3 browsers.any help would be cool.

meeee said...

anonym.to only anonymizes the origin. If you are using Jdownloader you can also click with the right mouse button on the link and copy it.

hmmm, the behaviour is strange because it works fine for me.