Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jizzm - Archives

This is Jizzm's only true solo album lasting at least 72 minutes and just featuring the Global Phlowtations, Of Mexican Descent and Nikko. All other albums by Jizzm were more like compilations featuring tons of other MCs. The EP of it contains a slightly different version of "Dreamscape" and its one of those ones where the track selection could have been better. The album for example contains very dope tracks like "Like it's 1999" with the GPAC, "Sky's The Limit", "Atlas" with OMD and Nikko, "Trials & Tribulations Pt II" which is also on the Bass'd On Priciples EP (I wonder where the first part is on!) and many more. Except "Atlas" there  are really hard-ass beats followed by high-level battle raps.

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Anonymous said...

Atlas is easily in my top five favorite songs, it is close to perfection.