Thursday, March 25, 2010

Amón Tóbin

As far as Discogs says is this the first solo album of the brazilian born electro producer Amón Tóbin.
My opinion on this record is, that it is by far his best for now.
On Discogs it is catogorized as Drum n Bass, Breaks and Downtempo but I think that it also contains more genres like Acid Jazz and Trip Hop.
One thing that I very like on this one, is the combination of Samba and Drum n Bass music, which is a very hard hitting combination.
But Amón Tóbin took good care of the listener by carefully compiling the tracklist.
As mentioned before, he has some hard Drum n Bass tracks on it but he didn't organize them one after another but put trippy Downtempo tracks in between to give the listener the chance to rest for a bit.
This is really necessary because some tracks have complex soundscapes which are worth listening to!

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