Friday, April 9, 2010

Classic Material

The mysterious death of Yusef Afloat wasn't the reason that this album is a classic. No, it is the music itself! In the movie "This Is The Life" Medusa tells some really interesting stuff about Yusef. He wanted to practice Hip-Hop "raw" in that way, that he raps naked in front of the audience. For some people it might sound weird but I think that his intention was to tell the truth how life is, by laying the positive and the negative things on the line how they are. On Utube there is an old interview with Sach and Yusef were Yusef isn't saying much but what he is saying makes sense and is straight to the point. R.I.P. Yusef
For a tape rip of Yusef's solo album check Jackdevo

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Jack Devo said...

This album is one of my favorites of any genre. "Keep It On" and "Mix Tapes" alone make it worth checking out, but the rest of the album is awesome as well. I had never heard that about Yusef - that rapping naked thing. That's intense.