Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mr. Bizarro - Dirtworks EP

This is the EP to the Blacknewave album that I have posted before. With this one Bizarros discography is nearly complete adding the stuff that Jackdevo uploaded on his blog. Especially Bizarros older stuff is very interesting. It has some laid back vibe and funny lyrics, rapping about his collection of tapes, that they are all gone and that only his shelf is collecting dust.
But there is also some melancholy in the song "My Collection Of Tapes", the melancholy about the lost of an era that was about tape trading and anticipated pleasure while copying some new/unknown dope stuff from a friend or doing a mix tape. The anticipated pleasure of doing settings by yourself to get the best possible sound out of your tape, waiting till the recording is finished and the noisy sound which fits perfectly to 4-Track stuff. No doubt, Bizarro loves the nostalgia which made you feel warm inside like when put the needle to the groove of one of your favorite records...

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Jack Devo said...

One of the best hip hop songs out there in my opinion!