Sunday, March 28, 2010

Polo & Zoundwavez - Hot Time

I'm sorry for the bad rip but my records condition is very bad. Something like this can happen, when you buy an used record. What I'm very curious about is the version called "Hot Time(Crab Niggaz Freestyle)" on this record because there is a Widow Prizum/B.O.D. Click record that contains the track "Crab Niggaz" and "Crab Niggaz Freestyle". I know that the track "Crab Niggaz" is different from the track on the Hot Time record but I'm curious about the other track!

But this record was recorded in France and it is also a french release and on the back side cover are the following record labels stated: Hostile Records, Funk La Planet, Psycho V, Delabels, Virgin France.
The producer is DJ Wick who also produced some tracks for Widow Prizum and there appear Polo and Legacy from France, Zoundwavez aka Phoenix Orion, Cosmic Ray, Margie and Natalie Wallace from Alien Nation and Clutch and Money Bazz from the B.O.D. Click.
What I forgot to say is, that the beat of "Hot Time" reminds me of a track from Fat Jacks "Cater To The DJ" compilation.

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