Thursday, March 11, 2010

Albums, I better shouldn't have sold/lost Part I

I can't really remember, what happened to this one. I think it's lost and it is really a pity! The only thing I remember what could be the reason for the loss, is the fact that I took some CD's with me to work to rip them there. The fact that this one is encoded with Lame 3.98 leads to the conclusion that it must have been ripped last year, as I surely didn't recoded it!
To say something about the album itself, it was released in 1998 and completely produced by Elusive. As you can see on the picture, there are some nice features on it including a track with Mikah 9 and L'Roneous, one with ASOP, Grouch's second best track(my favorite is on Fat Jack's - Cater To The DJ 2) together with Bizarro and others...  The overall beats are very dark with deep basses, perfect for pumping them in a car with a big sub-woofer. I can remember when I was on a car convention for hobbyists and I went around playing this CD in other cars with custom build car stereos. Everyone who heard the music wondered where I got it from because it really pushed the car stereos to their limits :D


Anonymous said...

Can you re-up this record, please ?

benj said...

could you please re-up it?