Friday, March 12, 2010

Neila - Searching For Prajna

With this CD there is something wrong!
13 tracks are listed but the production credits state 16 tracks.
Eventhough the credits list only covers 8 tracks!
But production is handled by Joe Dub, Ruski (Deeskee?), Buk Naked and Jimi The Mantis Claw.
The feature list contains Drunken Immortals, Jimi The Mantis Claw, Rhettoric, Joe Dub, Tommy V, Type-O, Knows (of US Pros), Brad, Buk Naked, Jizzm, Brandon B, Fluid and Ruski.


Anonymous said...

Yo!! your blog is great thanks for all this dope undaground hiphop!!

do you have these other projects from neila ?

Neila And Jus 1.0 - The Mystery Machine

neila starting early

neila & acid reign the missing link

Thanks again Peace n much respect from France !!

John Henry said...

Re-up, please!!