Monday, March 29, 2010

Freestyle Fellowship - Innercity Griots

The Fellowships second installment featuring a bunch of interesting people dropped in '93 one year before the Good Life Café closed the doors and a new era began with the Project Blowed. Like Volume 10's "HipHopera", "Innercity Griots" was released on a major label which was a good thing for the popularity but probably it also was a reason for the end of the Good Life. The movie "This Is The Life" dealt with the growing popularity and the impact on the Good Life sessions. If you haven't seen it for now, I can recommend you to watch this movie because it presents a part of HipHop history.
This album contains the first Heavyweights track featuring high level MCs Ganjah K, Big Arch, Spoon,  Volume 10 and Cockney'O'Dire besides the Fellowship. BTW, Mikah 9 has a really crazy appearance on this one! Most of the production is handled by the Earthquake Brothers, a crew of producers, which consists of Jamm Messenger Devine aka JMD, Mathmattics, DJ Kiilu and Mighty O-Roc. They also join creative forces on the Project Blowed compilation!

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