Monday, March 1, 2010


I remember back in the day when my interest in Hip-Hop music grew and the Internet didn't offer as much as today. Together with a good friend of mine I weekly visited a record store and one day he told me to check out the Hypnotic CD and I bought it not knowing anything about it. Today, 12 years later I can say that it was one of my best investments in music. It's because it is one of the most organic Hip-Hop music I have ever heard with production from Eclipse 427, KiloJoule aka Karma Chi and King Koncepts. With 13 out of 17 tracks produced by King Koncepts, his beats define the overall character of the album, although they are really an ear catcher! One interesting thing is the usage of claves as snares as you can hear on the track "Quantum Mechanics". The elements being used even make sense when you consider the name of the album containing the words ORI INU which is an important part of the Yoruba religion. I didn't study it deeper but of what I've read the term Internal Symmetry seems to be a good translation for ORI-INU. The Yoruba religion has a model and the ORI represents the head meaning the mind while the ORI-INU is the "seat of the unconscious mind".
Another citation:
It is believed that, just before birth, every ori (i.e. consciousness or head) negotiates an agreement with Olorun (i.e. God—literal translation is owner of the sky), outlining their goals for that lifetime. At birth the details of this agreement are removed from the realm of conscious thought and hidden in the unconscious domain, within the inner head (ori-inu) and ipori in heaven. One's destiny, therefore, is to remember the original agreement and work towards achieving those goals. Any deviation from these goals creates a misalignment between ipori and ori and results in disease.

Yoruba concept of the mind - lae-lae, Awo, odu, ase, ori-inu, opon-ifa, ori, ipori, ara, emi


Anonymous said...

your a god bro. your a god, ive been trying to find this album for too long than you so much you have no idea

meeee said...

You are welcome and I hope you'll enjoy it!

Jan Vronský said...

This is good and solid album. Didnt know a thing about these guys, but its really good. Thank you.